I Saw Something Pictures Inc is an independent production company founded for the purpose of producing original content and reincarnating familiar concepts with a new approach. The focus of the company at the present time is to develop and produce in house projects with a future aspiration of expanding and accepting outside projects. The company’s philosophy is that Illusion is a necessity to surviving the failures of reality. 

With six short films under its belt, the company’s current strategy is to develop and produce feature film projects.

Leadership Team

Georges Saad

CEO & President
In January 2014, Georges enrolled at the film production program at “Toronto Film School.” He spent the next 18 months working on more than 35 projects, enhancing his knowledge and skills as a director, writer, and producer. After graduating in 2015, he spent the next six month developing the short film “Mr. Razi.” With the project completed and submitted to festivals, his goal now is to direct the feature screenplay “Mr. Razi.”

Timothy Pellicola

Prior to joining I Saw Something Pictures, Tim worked on several film productions wearing different hats that include writing, directing, and editing short films, in addition to performing in several Hollywood productions. He is passionate about several subjects including classic literature, fine art, and philosophy to history.

Mark Koh

Executive Producer
Mark Koh has attended the University of Toronto for Engineering and Business. His work in media and film can be seen on a Local Basketball Show that airs across Canada as the Main Host, Producer and Content and Creative Director. The show has been airing for 4 years and on it’s 6 seasons. He has covered the NBA Playoffs and Finals in Toronto Raptors’ Stadium, interviewed, and covered high profile players and key influencers and trendsetters in the Toronto Basketball Community. He’s done works with in-studio interviews, on-site coverage of basketball leagues and tournaments, in-game broadcast and play by play commentary as well as short basketball documentaries.